Friday, March 30, 2012

Revolutionary road - Hopeless emptiness

(Sam Mendes' "Revolutionary road", based on Richard Yates novel was set in 1950s in suburban town of Connecticut, USA.)

Random thoughts while watching the movie

We all want to see reflections of ourselves everywhere everytime. When we fall in love, we all think the feeling of love will remain for life. We marry, we produce children. The poetic romance vanishes in no time. Love becomes duty, love becomes compulsory. We want a secure life, we want to settle down in life. We love children more than the spouse.

In a way, may be, we deserve each other in every family. Dreams, ambitions, goals, tasks...whatever you call, we buried some of ours, carried the burden of others, left some half way, picked some on the way. Yes, call it a compromise, adjutment, affection or love, we deserve each other and what we have today.

I can no longer sit for hours together just looking at your eyes. I can no longer play with your hair and chat sweet non-sense for hours together. I can no longer make love twice a day. But that does not mean, I don't love you. Definitely, I do not hate you.

We make love once a while just for the sake of it. We do show love by buying expensive gifts to each other. We do fight more often than hugging each other over nothing, absolutely nothing.

Where are we running? Are we running to escape from somebody or from ourselves? Or are we running to catch the dream we dreamt? Or are we simply running without any reason? Or are we really running?

Getting up, sending kids to school, working Monday-to-Friday to live a so called secure life, cleaning the house on Saturday, visiting/inviting freinds on Sundays; week after week, month after month, year after year till the retirement. Soon after fighting the illnesses, and spending half the life in clinics and hospitals... Hopeless emptiness.

But it takes real guts to see the hopelessness and emptiness. Most of us cannot see it; the one who sees it, cannot live it. The earth under the feet breaks, the roof over the head blows away.  But it is silly to put all the dreams and hopes in a promise that was never made. Dreams and hopes are illusions. House and children are reality.

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