Friday, April 20, 2012

Instagram: Few Thoughts

There are so many apps in Android market and iTunes about photo shopping and photo sharing. Both Android  phones and iPhone come with inbuilt cameras with effects and share option. Few of the photo shopping apps are better than Instagram.

Taken from my HTC desire S from London Bridge
After Facebook took it over, Instagram has become a sensation in Tech world. The number of subscribers are increasing exponentially.

The success of Instagram lies in two factors: Fixed size and Retro feel. All photos have exactly same size. With squared cropping, it gives an opportunity to give an artistic touch with selective clever cropping. Although one can load the picture without altering, most of the photos are uploaded after being photo shopped with one click. The effect with one click is magical! You can see that effect in the pictures in this post.

Taken from my HTC desire S at Victoria, London
Instagram was kept iOS only for a long time which gave iPhone users to share their iPhone photos to iPhone users. When it opened its gate to Android community, most of the Android users wanted to know what was so viral about Instagram, which in turn increased its popularity by many folds. 

Instagram does not have browser. It does not allow to upload photos from a computer. Mobile-to-mobile, but still so successful. This is going to open a new era.

By the way, I could not resist joining it. My username is 'keshrad'. You can also browse those photos through