Saturday, February 23, 2013

How I did my first app?

I am following smart phone industry since 2007. I browse hundreds of apps and news stories about what is happening in the tech world through my Google reader almost everyday. I read tech news more than political news and I have replaced reading/watching sports news and TV with reading tech news. 

Hence, I came up with a few app ideas in medicine, particularly in radiology. I forgot to scribble down them  most of the times. Then, I realized I am wasting my energy and time. I am just killing the time reading tech news without putting that knowledge to any real use. I wanted to abandon reading tech news altogether, then it struck to me that I could develop apps.

But wait! I am radiologist without any coding experience. 

And I am not a very friendly guy. But I did manage to speak to few of my friends who are in IT. I got a few positive responses and I give job to one of them. It bombed!

I thought I will give up and concentrate on my profession and my other hobbies of literature, music and movies. I left my 'app dream', but the dream did not leave me.The only way to get rid of 'app nightmares' was to have one!

I started to look online resources about coding. I registered with free online material, downloaded loads of software. I got the feel of how it works and complex the whole process is. I realized it would take much more time than I imagined to learn basic coding even to write simplest of simple one page app. I gave up.

At this time, I started looking at IT people whom I know. If they were willing to spare their spare time to develop app, then we could have had an app in our joint name, give the app to people for 'free', just sake of 'labor of love'. But I am not good in persuading people as I am not a very friendly guy :-(. 

So, I had to pay a price. I delegated coding for money to an app developer, whose part time profession is to develop app for me and for you. There are loads of websites to find one. I did not know whether these guys are trust worthy or not. I did not know how all this is going to work.

But I wanted to give a try and burn my money. I took a chance. I made the design and mock up of the app. The developer coded them. I went through the app and suggested changes. He recoded them and resent the app. I suggested few more changes and he did them. This process went on for more than a month to get my first app ready.

Although I was not coding, I did learn a lot about the process of starting the app from scratch to subimittng to the app store.

My first app is ready. Its out on Android market, i.e., Google play. It will be out on iTunes/App store soon.

I do not know if this app would be successful because the app is limited to use of medical professionals. I do not know whether I will be even able to get the money which I have put in. Its a gamble I am paying for my new found passion. If it at least brings back the money which I have put in, I am going to make many more apps. If not, I will stop here.

That was my story and below is the link of Android app, or search 'Cancer staging', or 'TNM staging' on Google play to get 'TNM' icon to download.

Free version:

Android app on Google Play 

Full version:

Android app on Google Play


  1. wow..that's inspiring Dr I think we have a common things, I am just like you hungry for tech news and apps,my job as an airline pilot is totally different line but I am really glad to find people who share me the same thoughts good luck Dr.

  2. Dear Keshav
    Anything done with passion will be nothing but success.Dont think of giving up. I suggest you to design some app which many medical professionals can use like physicians, GP , etc. All the best

    1. Thank you Srikant Sir. Your passion of photography is inspirational to me.

  3. Hi, A superb work. I see that free version link is not working and also searched for the free version in google market but couldn't find. Please update the free version link.

    1. I have taken out the free version of the market at the moment as part of experimentation.